Dropbox Support Number

Dropbox Customer Support Number
Dropbox is an online service that allows the hosting of multiple types of files in the cloud such as documents, videos, etc. It is operated by the company Dropbox, said Dropbox service allows users to store and online files on the web Dropbox and between computers and share files and folders with other users and with tablets and phones.
Dropbox now allows you to scan documents from the mobile application for iOS, and even create Microsoft Office documents directly on the Smartphone. Other tools and functions that have been introduced are the ability to manage photos of your computer, share folders and files from the desktop, add comments in a specific part of a file and see the preview of previous versions, among other features.
The cloud storage service Dropbox has announced a series of new productivity features. In a post on his blog, the company explains that these features are mainly aimed at users who make use of the service for work, although it can be useful for everyone.

How Dropbox is helpful to users
• Sign PDF Files from Dropbox
• Create and read files without unlocking the phone: The new Dropbox screen lock widget offers a shortcut to create or open files, and scan receipts or whiteboards to save them to Dropbox.
• At the present you can choose Dropbox files from I Message box and contribute to your work online while talking with your teammates.
• Receive notifications when someone saves a new version of a file you are reading and, by pressing once, reload it to see what was modified.
• Share the screen of your iPad with other applications. With the new image in picture feature, you can look at movies from your Dropbox account while working on another application on your iPad. In addition, in the coming weeks, Dropbox announced that it will present split-screen support, so you can work seamlessly on Dropbox and other applications at the same time, without having to switch between them.

Why Drop Box is best for Sharing

Dropbox security
Security has also been improved, since individual files can be shared privately with specific people. That is, when you open the article link, it will be necessary for the person who received it to log in to your Dropbox account to validate the permission. Before, shared files could be accessed by anyone with the URL.

Share files and folders from the desktop
Now when you click on a file or folder, you can share files directly from the desktop, without having to go to the web, or copy a link and send it via email.

Keep a file offline
The Dropbox application for mobile phones or tablets cannot do too much if you do not have a network connection. However, in this new update you can mark the specific files for offline use. By doing so, you download the latest version of the file to your phone, and you will be able to open it even when the device cannot connect to Wi-Fi or your data plan.

Dropbox Customer service
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